Buddy dog

A buddy dog is a best buddy for a child with different physical or psychological disabilites or social difficulties. To have a buddy dog gives the child a sense of security and rest and learns empathy.

Getting involved in the dogs daily care and training makes the child feel needed and part of something meaningful. A dog doesn't make you feel guitly or less worth. A buddy dog is carefully selected and chosen by us to fit in to your family. With the dog you also get a whole package with an instructor to start you up and give you advice how to continue working.

A girl and her yellow Labrador with his head on her lap. The girl has an Ipad leaning on his head.

The buddy dog is a friend on four legs. The task is to give the child a sense of secureness in the every day life. It is the presence of the dog that is so important. Oxytocin peaks in both people and their dogs when they interact positively. This ‘feelgood’ hormone suppresses the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Petting a dog is easy for a child. A selected buddy dog is more than just a family dog.