DISAs project - Sponsoring

You can make a difference as an individual or as a company. A guide dog in Sweden is paid for by the government  -but a service dog or buddy dog must be paid for by the person in need.
For that individual a donation means literally EVERYTHING - a possibility to be part of the normal society and in that way get a higher quality of life.


All donations, small as large, takes a family one step closer to their dream - to make life a little easier for their child. Contact us if you want to know more!

A servicedog makes you laugh and live.

What do You get as a sponsor?

More and more companies have understood the positive influence of likeability. It just is easier to like a company that is associated with something positive!

Sponsoring as a method is very useful to increase the PR-investments your company already does.

Firsthand we offer exposure of your logotype, lectures about dogs and leadership, and in certain cases exposure of "your dog and client-team" in commercial.

Why is it so expensive?

First - finding the suitable dog!
Only around 40% of our dogs make it through all tests we and the society sets up for these dogs.
Then you have breeding, veterinary- and health checks, mentally tests, working time to train all the things the dog should learn, harness or other special equipment made for the client, examination and finally the instruction time. That last and really important thing, where dog and client, with help of a certified instructor, will become a well functioning team.

We have chosen to work with Labradors because they love to be with children.

Research shows...

Giving money to someone...
1. makes us happy
2. gives positive affects on our health
3. gives us something back
4. gives thankfulness that affects our own happiness, health and social ability
5. is contagious...


Thank You for your support!