Problem solving

Dogs are man's best friend. Despite that true fact you can sometimes during the first two years be in situations where you feel you just don't understand eachother and you want to give up. Adolescence is often a rocky period, for dogs as for human teenagers. Like human teens, adolescent dogs explore their world and test their own abilities in ways you won’t always like. Luckily this phase doesn't last long.
I have many years of experience with dogs in the age of 8 weeks up to 3 years. With me you can get private training at your place, where you might need it most! I work in a way suitable for you and your dog.

Every dog owners dream is to have a well behaved dog..

Emelie with Guinness
"I just wanted to tell you that it really goes well with me and Guinness. I follow your advice and it has given a much, much better climate between us, and I myself has found the harmony again of having a dog. I want to thank you so much! You saved the relationship between me and Guinness!"

Is your dog a teenager? Do you need some good advice?

You can also book an hour advice on phone! Send me some information in advance regarding the problem or issue you have with your dog. Barking towards other dogs, not listening to you at all, running away and teasing you with things they should not have in their mouth......... No problem is too small!