Service dog

A service dog helps a person with a disability with anything that makes life a little easier. The dog is trained for that special person and the needs you might have. It can pick up things for you on the floor, be a support when you rise up after falling, open doors (both real ones and social!) and much more!

A service dog can pick up lost keys that you can't reach.

We train the dog for that special person and pick out the dog suitable for the task wanted. Even children can have a service dog, under the supervision of the parents or adults of course.

Please email or call us for further questions, and we will help you to take the first step.
Do you rather want to talk to someone who has a service dog, you are most welcome to call one of our clients Kicki with service dog Dante, phone nr 070-729 07 87.

The importance of a service dog and what it does to a person should never be underestimated.

Donation & Sponsoring

A service dog is not paid for by the government or insurance. A person who needs a service dog must find the money on her own, which is a huge difference from guide dogs in Sweden. In order to get money enough the person can apply for funds and foundations, seek at the local church, municipality or hospital or by getting sponsored from a private person or company. In Sweden it still is quite unusual to donate money to assistance dogs since we live with the thought that "the society should take care of you"...