Assistanshundskolan - Swedish Assistance Dog Association
A network of competence

2012 we started Assistanshundskolan i Sverige ek.för, Swedish Assistance Dog Association, an economic association, in order for us members to meet and cooperate regarding assistance dogs. 
DISA has together with Expose Ledarhundar and Göta Hund many years of experience of choosing out suitable dogs and train them. We have trained numerous guide dogs, assistance dogs and handlers, and stand up for a high quality and follow our teams carefully.

Anette (DISA), Michele Pouliot (former employed by Guide dogs for the Blind and clicker guru), Jenny (Expose ledarhundar) och Carin (Göta Hund) learning more about guide dog training and clicker, here at VBM guide dog school in Switzerland.

About assistance dogs

Under the name assistance dog you find guide dogs for people with visual impairment, service dogs for people with a disability, signal dogs and alert dogs. The Swedish Assistance Dog Association also started with the buddy dog for children, which you can read more about under Assistance dogs

The Swedish Assistance Dog Association is also on Facebook!